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About Us


Oleg Pashchinskiy

President and CEO 

Welcome to the NORSPEC Family! As the owner and founder of Northwest Specialty Dismantling,  our goal is to help you keep your performance/sports car running at a fraction of the cost of new parts.  All of our parts are inspected and tested for functionality to guarantee that you come back again and again.  Whether you are buying parts to maintain or upgrade your car, I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve you.   Our team will do everything to keep you as a life long customer. 

What started off as a love for great cars, turned into garage hobby, then into a means to get through college, and now a rapidly growing  auto dismantling business. We only have our customers to thank for that. So, thank you - a huge thank you.

With a strong emphasis on Porsche sport cars, we purchase and dismantle cars that we love. Cars we love to look at, love to drive and love to work on. Yes, the fate of these cars is unfortunate, but having the opportunity to keep others like them going is the real mission.

Our extensive EBAY inventory has all of our parts listed at our store:

 We find eBay to be a great place to share what we have for very simple reasons:

  • every item is listed with photos/description and
  • eBay/PayPal offers protection for the buyer to give confidence

Of Course, we are happy to take orders outside of eBay. This can be done over the phone (+1 253-334-9960) or email (

We are humbled to have the opportunity to serve the sport car enthusiast community. Stick around and let's enjoy this journey together!