Sell My Car

It's simple! A no pressure, instant offer on your vehicle is a phone call away.


(253) 334-9960 (call/VM/text)


We are interested in any vehicle, in any condition. Here are guidelines to help us get you the most money possible for your vehicle. If you are wondering, the destiny of your vehicle can go one of three ways. We process most cars as scrap. These cars will be processed and crushed. Nicer vehicles that are either wrecked, damaged or suffer mechanical damage will be broken down for parts. Cars that have little to no damage will be sold to local dealers to be marketed for resale.




1. Must have proper documentation. Certificate of title, affidavit in lieu of title, tow auction AVR, insurance auction bill of sale, junk vehicle affidavit are all acceptable forms of ownership documents. A VEHICLE REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE IS NOT PROOF OF OWNERSHIP.

2. Photos help. You can text or email photos. (253) 334-9960

3. Include a short description of the vehicle. Year, make, model, trim, miles and a short description of it's condition. 

4. We do not purchase boats or RV's. Everything else is on the table!

5. We are not a recovery company and not a garbage disposal company. Do not load cars with trash. Do not expect our drivers to recover vehicles hanging off the side of a cliff or dumped in the Puget Sound. Get the car to a safe place and then call us!

6. Prices for scrap cars change frequently depending on current market conditions of steel, aluminum, catalytic converters and copper.